StratCon FZ LLC provides a range of services to assist global organizations and executives to achieve high efficiency and deliver success. We focus on Leadership Development, Strategic Management and Executive Coaching that help you transform your organization into a 21st century entity to be a leader in the market.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching
Leadership in today’s organizations plays the most critical roles. It can make or break the organization. Leadership is not a sum of jobs, functions, managers, etc. it is the deployment of a vision and a strategy. Leadership instills a set of values in employees and creates follower’s behaviors, which leads to motivated individuals who are and want to be part of a winning organization. A value based leadership approach achieves the ultimate loyal followers. our senior Patners and consultants are available to provide trusted, impartial and profetional advice to executives to reach thier objectives and potentials.

Life Coaching and Personal Development

  • How to get the Life you want
  • Discover your true potentia
  • Master your own emotions so that you can handle all eventualities easily
  • Enhance your personal relationships
  • Gain the vital edge at work to make you a more powerful communicator
  • Develop "instant confidence" and motivate yourself and others
  • Use language with greater precision and elegance
  • Create better and more satisfying emotional relationships.

Strategy Management
StratCon specializes in defining and measuring key perspectives and value drivers that leads businesses to success. We use multiple tools like the strategy and value maps and the balanced scorecards (BSC). Focused on guidance and facilitation of strategic planning and policy formation through diagnosing and providing helpful treatments to improve an organizations’ health with respect to culture, communication, organizational systems, process, and structures.


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